Scary Truths of Probate

If the word “probate” makes you feel uncomfortable, then you need to understand the estate planning process and make sure your estate is taken care of after you pass away. Probate doesn’t have to be a scary process. The attorneys at Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. can make sure your estate is in order and take the worry out of probate.

Probate is the formal court procedures that administer a person’s estate after they have died. It is during this process where outstanding debts can be paid and property can be sold or transferred to another person. It some cases, it can be a complex procedure so it is always wise to set up your estate plans before you pass away. In other cases, probate can be a problem-free carrying out of a person’s will. It all depends on the specifics of each situation and we can help you determine what impact probate could have on your estate.

Only certain aspects of a person’s estate will enter into the probate process. For instance, probate does not involve a trust, life insurance, or retirement accounts that have named beneficiaries, or jointly-owned property, when the first joint owner has died.

Probate, which is part of public record, can be a lengthy process that lasts six months or longer. We can help you at Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. to recognize what parts of your estate might be better suited to a trust, in order to avoid the probate process. We will also help you recognize when a will is appropriate for your specific situation, and when probate will be necessary.

While it may not be possible to set up your estate to completely avoid probate, we may be able to better set up your estate so that probate is manageable. By creating trusts, setting up some joint ownerships, and designating beneficiaries, we will be able to avoid probate in some areas. Let us help you with your estate planning and to make probate seem less scary.