The Basics of Estate Planning in Florida

Estate Planning Attorneys in Coral Springs: The Basics of Estate Planning in Florida

Estate-Planning-Attorneys-in-Coral-SpringsIf you have recently moved to or have always lived in Florida our trusted estate planning attorneys in Coral Springs at Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. are here to tell you more about the basics of estate planning in Florida. The last thing you generally think of when deciding to retire in Florida is estate planning and sourcing estate planning attorneys. In Coral Springs you could easily spend your golden years playing golf, sunbathing on the beach, having the grandchildren visit, and quite simply enjoying your retirement. However an important consideration that is all too often overlooked is what will happen to your property without proper estate planning? Attorneys in Coral Springs all agree that proper estate planning is crucial, but where do you begin? As experienced estate planning attorneys in Coral Springs, we have listed the 5 basic documents that you will need to help look after your future.

#1. A Will:
The basic principle of a will is that it gives you the ability to leave your property to whoever you choose when you die. Without a will, your property will be distributed according to Florida law or the law of whatever state your estate may be opened in. This document is also able to simplify the probate process through you being able to appoint a personal representative or executor of your will.

#2. A Living Will:
A living will is the document that lays out instructions specifies what should happen while you are dying. It details things such as artificially provided food and water, intensive care, artificial respiration, and whether you would like to receive pain reliving medication. Most importantly a living will also states whether you want to be resuscitated or not.

#3. Health Care Surrogacy:
This document gives someone else the ability to make medical decisions for you should you be incapable of making those medical decisions yourself. It is broader than a living will, as it covers you during periods where you may not be dying but are still unable to make medical decisions.

#4. Durable Power of Attorney:
A durable power of attorney gives a representative the power to manage your business affairs if you are unable to. A common misconception is that because a spouse is named as co-owner of bank accounts and is named on the deed to your house, you don’t need a durable power of attorney. However it is important to remember that your spouse cannot sign contracts, deeds, tax returns etc even though they are named as co-owner on an account thus it is prudent to have a durable power of attorney.

#5. Pre-Need Guardianship Designation:
This document gives you the ability to name a guardian to take care of you and your needs should you find yourself in the position of not being able to take care of yourself and a court case is brought against you.

To begin your estate planning process make sure to give the estate planning attorneys at Reinfeld and Cabrera, P.A. a call today!