Finding Guardianship Attorneys You Can Trust


If you are like most people in South Florida, you think finding guardianship attorneys in Coral Springs to name the guardian of your child(ren) is an extremely important part of estate planning. It is imperative that you have a guardian named for your children, because you never know what life has in store.

Guardianship is the power imposed on an individual over one who is underaged, and is considered unable to protect and care and for him or herself. A guardianship attorney in Coral Springs will help you appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf, if you become unable to make these decisions for yourself and your family.

If you do not like to think about what would happen if your children’s parents both passed away before your children reach adulthood, and choose not to hire guardianship attorneys to name a guardian, then the custody of your children could be left up to the courts. Anyone can step up to request custody if you have not specified someone in your will. So if you are assuming that it would be your sister, or your Mom, who would be granted custody of your children, you might be mistaken. Don’t leave the decision up to a judge. Stop by Reinfeld & Cabrera’s Coral Spring’s office as soon as possible to name a guardian for your children.

The guardianship attorneys in Coral Springs will help you create the legal documents to establish guardianship, and we also recommend that you and your spouse name an alternate guardian. This is just in case the first guardian you name is unable to accept the role due to changed circumstances.

Don’t leave such an important decision up to the courts. Instead, let the guardianship attorneys in Coral Springs guide you through establishing guardianship documents.