A Proper Return of a Security Deposit After a Lease Has Ended

Eviction-in-TamaracWhen you are attempting an eviction from your rental until in Tamarac or elsewhere in Florida, it is important to understand state law and know the rules about returning a security deposit.

If you are a landlord that is in the eviction process with a renter in Tamarac, and you intend to return the security deposit, you need to do so within 15 days of the lease coming to an end. In addition to returning the security deposit, you will also need to give the renter any of the interest that has been accumulated on the money.

The eviction process in Tamarac may mean that you can keep the renter’s security deposit, depending on the circumstances. For example, if tenants have unpaid rent, Florida landlords may be able to keep the amount due from the security deposit. Also, if the tenant has caused damage to the rental unit, above and beyond the normal wear and tear that comes with renting, then landlords may be able to deduct the amount due for repairs from the security deposit. Also, if the lease agreement has been violated, there may be circumstances that see the landlord keep some or all of the security deposit.

If you are a landlord that is in the eviction process with a renter in Tamarac, and you intend on keeping the security deposit, or a portion of the deposit, you need to let the tenant know in writing within 30 days of the lease coming to an end and file a claim. This can be done by certified mail to the forwarding address the renter provided to you, In this statement, you must explain the reasons why you intend on keeping the deposit, or a portion of the money, and also give the former renter 15 days to contest your intent to keep the deposit.

After receiving this letter, the former renter can either choose not to oppose your intention to keep the security deposit, or they can oppose your claim and the issue will go before the courts. If you are currently the landlord overseeing an eviction in Tamarac, it is very important to follow the correct steps when it comes to security deposit returns or seizures. The attorneys at Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. will guide you through the process whenever you have procedural questions.

Type of Deeds Available and The Differences

Estate-Planning-Attorneys-in-Coral-SpringsWhen you are looking for estate planning in Coral Springs, experienced attorneys will be able to help educate you on the different types of deeds available and how they will affect your affairs.

For example, estate planning in Coral Springs involving real estate that is jointly owned by a couple will automatically go to the survivor after one of them passes away. In this case, property will need to be legally labelled with a deed that indicates the property is owned with right of survivorship and will pass to the survivor after one of the owners passes away or as tenancy by the entirety for married couples.

However, if the property is owned by additional people, your estate planning attorneys will need to ensure that the deed says that the property is owned with tenants in common. It is important to note that property where it is indicated that people own as tenants in common, will pass through the probate process, where it will be a matter of public record.

Your estate planning attorneys in Coral Springs will also be able to tell you about life estate deeds, which is where an owner of a property can sign a legal document holding a life estate in the property and transferring the property title to a named beneficiary after the owner passes away. This procedures helps the beneficiary of the property avoid the probate process.

When looking at your affairs, estate planning attorneys in Coral Springs will not only look at determining what type of deed you need for your property, but will also examine the relationships between the owners of the properties. Estate planning can be complex and it is always wise to have experienced and knowledgable estate planning attorneys creating a plan for you and your family.

It is never too early to make sure you have the correct deeds for your property and that estate planning attorneys in Coral Springs make sure your desired plan for your assets are legally represented. We want your family taken care of after you are no longer here.

Do You Require Community Association Law Attorneys?

There are more than 60,000 shared ownership communities in Florida and these need to be represented by a community association law attorney. Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. can represent a community association as we have the knowledge and experience to help with property law issues, land use and zoning, contract law, commercial and business litigation, foreclosure and even with mediation.

A community association law attorney can help a homeowners or condominium association draft contracts and advise on property rights matters. We can help homeowners or condominium association association members understand their responsibilities and advise on how to enforce community rules.

When Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. represent a community association, such as a homeowners association, they help the association understand the parameters for how their power can be executed to enforce the rules of the community. Community association law and the attorney representing the association, makes sure that the board is acting in ways that comply with the governing law.

It is important to remember that a community association law attorney does not represent the members of the homeowners association, or even the board, but rather the attorney represents the corporation itself. We are experienced in many issues impacting homeowners associations, from collections and foreclosures, enforcement of rules and regulations, to mediation, and when necessary, litigation.

The communication association law attorneys at Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. will provide affordable and knowledgeable legal advice to your community association so your association can make the best, legal decision on the issues that impact your community.

When Buying a Property, Ensure You Have an Attorney Present to Represent Your Interests

real-estateWhile securing a real estate attorney when buying a home can add thousands of dollars to your transaction, it is always money well spent to make sure your interests are being represented during the closing.

One area where a real estate attorney is necessary is when drawing up the contract, as the buying and selling of the house transaction must be documented in a legally binding contract. Your attorney will review the contract, making sure there are no issues that will impact the client and also ensure the transaction follows all state laws.

A real estate attorney can also help you negotiate repairs with the sellers based on the outcome of the home inspection report. What if you find out the air conditioner is no longer working? Or the washing machine? Or the roof has some serious issues? Your attorney will make sure the repairs are done by the seller, or that the asking price is adjusted to compensate for the results of the inspection.

You also need your real estate attorney to do a title search to make sure the property in question has no liens or judgments again it. This is extremely important because this search determines whether or not the person trying to sell the house has the legal right to do so.

There are often other requirements for a real estate attorney, such as filing deeds, among other things. Having a professional, knowledgeable real estate attorney to represent you when buying a home can reassure you that there is someone looking out for your best interests during the complex process of house buying.

While you always hope the real estate transaction of buying your home will be standard and problem free, when something does come up you will be glad to have an experienced attorney’s guidance. What if during the transaction you find out the in-law suite in the home you are buying was added illegally? What if you discover you are buying a property that could potentially have structural issues? Are you buying a short sale property and have questions about the process?

These questions and other issues should only be answered by a knowledgeable attorney in the state you are buying the home. Our goal, at Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A., is to represent our client through an uneventful transaction.

The Truth about Security Deposits


If you are a Florida landlord who is considering making some evictions, it is important to understand all of the rules about security deposits that exist in our state, and also what specific laws might be ruling in the city where your rental property is located.

When considering evictions due to unpaid rent, Florida landlords may be able to take money from the security deposit to cover the missing rent or to cover damage to the property if it is over and above what is considered normal wear and tear. Also, your specific lease agreement might stipulate other violations that would make it legal for a landlord to take money from the security deposit.

Knowledgeable real estate attorneys, such as those from Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A., will be able to explain to you that if you are considering evictions, and taking money from a tenant’s security deposit, you will need to notify the tenant by certified mail to their forwarding address, that money will be taken from the security deposit. A landlord is required to state how much of the security deposit will be kept, and the reasons why it is not being returned. Landlords have 30 days to file this claim on a security deposit. If the landlord does not intend to file a claim on the security deposit, they have 15 days to return the security deposit with interest.

From when the former tenant receives the certified mail, the tenants who have just gone through the evictions, will have 15 days to contest the notice in writing. If the former tenants contest the notice of retaining the security deposit, the matter could go to court. This is why it is important to have real estate attorneys working with you to protect your interests in these types of situations.

If the tenants who have faced evictions do not object to your claim of taking money from the security deposit, then you can deduct the necessary amount and return the remainder, if there is any, to the former tenant.

Real estate law can be complex and you want to make sure you are protected when you are dealing with rental properties. Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. can help you with drawing up lease agreements, evictions, security deposit matters, and other issues. We will provide informative advice and excellent representation to help you in all matters connected to real estate.

HAMP Program


If you are currently facing foreclosure on your house and are looking for ways to stay in your home and still be able to make ends meet, the attorneys at Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. can examine your current position and come up with the best foreclosure defense that fits your specific situation. One way to help might be the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), which enables borrowers to avoid foreclosure by modifying their existing loans to make them affordable and sustainable over the long-term.

We will help you determine if you meet the eligibility requirements for HAMP and if this would be a good foreclosure defense for you. In order to qualify for HAMP, you must be employed, so that you can show you have sufficient income to support a modified payment. You must currently occupy your home as your primary residence and you must have secured your mortgage before January 1, 2009.

In order for the HAMP foreclosure defense to work in your situation, you must owe up to $729,750 on your primary residence or single unit rental property and that property must not be condemned. You must be having financial struggles in order to qualify, meaning that you are behind on your mortgage payments or in danger of falling behind.

Also, you must not have been convicted within the last decade of felony larceny, theft, fraud, forgery, money laundering or tax evasion in connection to a real estate transaction. If you meet all of the requirements, you should let Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. determine if the HAMP foreclosure defense will be your best course of action.

Don’t face foreclosure alone. We will help you get through this difficult time by analyzing your specifics and working with you to try to meet your goal, whether that be walking away from your home and trying to preserve your credit, or staying in your house. Let Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. find the right foreclosure defense for you.

Real Estate Market Set to Soar

real estate attorneys

With the real estate market set to soar again in South Florida, you might soon be in need of a real estate attorney in Coral Springs who you can trust. Reinfeld & Cabrera are both experienced real estate attorneys and bring their expertise and skills to every case they work on.

If you have an upcoming real estate transaction that may be complicated, such as buying a home in a short sale, or as a homeowner facing foreclosure, you will be able to benefit from the advice of Reinfeld and Cabrera. We are your real estate attorneys in Coral Springs who will assist both individuals and businesses with all types of real estate matters, including purchasing, selling property, creating contracts, title work, and representing clients at closing.

In addition to being the real estate attorneys of choice in Coral Springs, we also work with clients throughout the South Florida area, from the Florida Keys in Monroe County, all the way up to Palm Beach County. We are always looking for creative solutions for even the most complex issues. With the real estate market on the rise again in South Florida, you will likely soon be in need of an attorney you can count on.

When looking for a real estate attorney in Coral Springs, you will want to choose an attorney who feels comfortable handling a simple closure procedure or a more complex issue. You might even ask a potential real estate attorney what types of cases he or she has handled previously, to make sure they are the right attorney to handle your current issue.

Before choosing your real estate attorney in Coral Springs or the South Florida area, you should also consider how you will be billed. Reinfeld and Cabrera believe that every client deserves top of the line legal representation….at an affordable price. Our firm offers flat fee rates and flexible payment arrangements to make sure everyone has access to top notch representation. Make sure you secure a trusted real estate attorney as the market starts to climb again.

Don’t Face Home Foreclosure Alone

Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Coral Springs

Facing home foreclosure in South Florida is extremely difficult and it is important to have a foreclosure defense attorney in Coral Springs representing you, in order to make sure you have exhausted all of your options. You don’t want your case to be negatively impacted because you don’t have the right attorney working with you.

At Reinfeld & Cabrera, we are foreclosure defense attorney specialists in Coral Springs who serve the entire South Florida area. We will work hard to assess your specific situation and come up with a realistic solution for your financial and legal issues. Not every foreclosure case is the same. We will respond to your specific needs and walk you through the process, so that you do not need to face the foreclosure issues on your own.

One of our first objectives will be to analyze your financial situation. After this, we can come up with the goals you want to achieve. For some clients, remaining in their home is what they want to have happen. For others, they want to unburden themselves from high mortgage payments and attempt to preserve their credit.

After meeting with you, our foreclosure defense attorneys in Coral Springs will work hard to come up with the goals that best suit your needs, and your situation. We will then determine the best strategic plan and work toward making it a viable solution.

At Reinfeld & Cabrera, we offer a free consultation with one of our foreclosure defense attorneys in Coral Springs to determine what action is right for your specific situation. You don’t need to face home foreclosure on your own. Have the right attorney on your side and we will help you work through the situation.

South Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney

foreclosure defense attorneysBy the time you end up looking for a foreclosure defense attorney to help you fight foreclosure on your home, you can be emotionally exhausted. However, you still need to make sure you hire the very best, most experienced foreclosure defense attorney available, in order to best help you with your situation.

A foreclosure defense attorney will not judge you by the situation in which you currently find yourself. You should try not to be emotional while discussing the facts of the situation and your attorney will advise you on the best course of action for the future, whether you are are looking to remain in your home, or want to exit the situation with the least amount of damage to your credit.

Alan Reinfeld and Michael Cabrera know the best foreclosure defense attorney for you is someone who you can trust. We will meet with you in a free consultation so we can go over the specifics of your situation and then we can provide you with an overview on the viable options for proceeding.

We also know how important it is to have direct communication with your attorney. That is why when you call Reinfeld and Cabrera, an attorney will call you back as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. When someone is looking for a foreclosure defense attorney, often they are having financial difficulties. We provide our clients with affordable payment options, based on the clients’ financial status. We believe that no one should be denied justice.

Once you have secured your foreclosure defense attorney, an important tip is to have your paperwork in order. You will need to have the paperwork you gave the mortgage lender when you first applied and all of the letters you received from the lender after you fell behind on your mortgage payments. You need all correspondence and it would help to have a written chronology the situation up until that point.

Having all of that information in order, and securing a foreclosure defense attorney you can trust, are the first steps in figuring out your options.

Looking For An Eviction Attorney?

Eviction Attorneys in Coral springsSometimes being a landlord is a tough job. Have you tried to evict a deadbeat tenant who has stopped paying rent but is refusing to leave? If so, you need an eviction attorney in Coral Springs.

Reinfeld and Cabrera, Attorneys at Law, are ready, willing and capable to legally represent you and your property and help get the delinquent tenant out of your rental – whether it is a residential rental or a commercial property.  We are the right eviction attorneys in Coral Springs to handle your case and have experience in a wide variety of eviction cases, including large commercial evictions.

You should actually come see us BEFORE you need to evict a tenant. We work hard to protect our clients from having to deal with litigation by first trying to negotiate and draft favorable leases for our landlord clients. But if it is too late and you are already in the eviction stage, we will guide you through the legal process.

We are skilled eviction attorneys in Coral Springs who, in addition to eviction and distress proceedings, also have experience in assignment and sublet disputes, security deposit claims, disputes between roommates, nuisance claims and condemnation and destruction of the premises.

Our years of experience as eviction attorneys in Coral Springs have also prepared us for premises liability and indemnity, enforcement and defense of rent escalation provisions, landlord remedies, including acceleration of rent, disputes involving the renewal and exercise of options to renew, wrongful or constructive evictions, breach of lease agreements, summary of proceedings and vacating of premises and abandonment of personal property.

You name it…the eviction attorneys in Coral Springs at Reinfeld and Cabrera have dealt with it, and are experienced and ready to defend you as a landlord. We currently represent commercial landlords involved in legal disputes throughout South Florida, and we are ready to take on your case as well.


Give us a call today to schedule your appointment. We will listen to your situation, advise on your case and represent you as your eviction attorneys in Coral Springs. Reinfeld and Cabrera have the knowledge and skills necessary to solve your legal problems so that you can continue on with your life and your rental business.