A Divorce Attorney Takes The Headache Out Of Divorce

Divorce-AttorneyEveryone has heard the criticisms of divorce attorneys, but we are here to debunk those myths and to tell you how a divorce attorney takes the headache out of divorce. Divorce is never an easy thing to have to deal with on a personal level let alone having all the legal strings attached, so the divorce attorneys at Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. want to help you to make the right decisions and guide you through this tough time.

This is a list of some of the things a good divorce attorney should do:

  • If the case reaches court, your divorce attorney will help you to get a final judgement of dissolution of marriage. They will also fully prepare you for a court hearing – guiding you through possible scenarios, asking you questions they may have to ask you in court, helping understand how you should answer during questioning, guiding you as to the proper courtroom etiquette and appropriate dress codes.
  • If problems arise during the divorce process, your divorce attorney should draft settlement agreements to resolve these issues.
  • Whenever possible, a divorce attorney should be open to settling the case out of the courtroom through negotiations to avoid the unnecessary stress and expense of court.
  • Florida law states that a mediation process must be undertaken by the couple if there are children involved. A divorce attorney should guide you through this process.
  • If you have children a divorce attorney should help you through developing the parenting plans which outline the many issues pertaining to the caring and raising of minor children, such as child custody, child visitation rights, and alimony.
  • When it comes to the task of property division a divorce attorney will expertly guide you through the issues and processes of this often complex and messy area.
  • To assist in a speedy and legal divorce a divorce attorney should ensure that all the relevant divorce forms are properly filled out preventing unnecessary errors from delaying or disrupting your case, make sure there are no unresolved legal issues to ensure that you avoid undue legal actions and pre-empt any legal issues (such as assessing whether or not there will be a need for an expert’s opinion in resolving your case).

Having a divorce attorney who cares about your needs and the needs of your family represent you through this difficult process will certainly be your remedy to removing the headache out of your divorce.