What Happens When A Loved One Dies?


While it is a horrible thought to ponder what happens after a loved one dies, as an experienced probate attorney, we at Reineld & Cabrera P.A. cannot stress enough how important it is to have a plan of action. The period directly after the unfortunate event of a loved one dying can be one of the most difficult and emotionally overwhelming times. Often people find themselves besieged by grief to be able to work through all the important post death processes on their own. Having a probate attorney helping you through the processes will be an invaluable asset. Often families are tempted to do things without the “expense” of a probate attorney. However this frequently leads to even more financial loss as someone without the correct legal knowledge attempts to navigate the probate gauntlet without the guidance of a probate attorney.

When it comes to estate planning and the distribution of assets seeking professional support from a probate attorney is a wise move. Contacting a probate attorney from Reinfeld & Cabrera P.A. for a consultation about your family’s situation will already be a step in the right direction and a great help during this time of anguish.

After a loved one dies you may find yourself in the position of executor of their will. While you may feel confident right now to handle this role, the story may change when you find yourself in the middle of a tragic event. Often emotions cloud logic and distort generally clear minds and you may find yourself falling prey to unidentified legal issues. For example, did you know that when you act as an executor there is a fiduciary liability and exposure attached to you personally if you do not adhere to the terms of a will exactly? Furthermore, did you know that as an executor you could be fined if you distribute funds improperly? With an experienced probate attorney helping you, you will easily avoid these pitfalls.

When you do decide to hire an attorney to assist you with your estate planning or after the death of a loved one, ensure you hire one who is experienced at handling wills, trusts and estates. Avoid attorney’s who don’t specialize in estate planning and instead opt for an experienced probate attorney such as Reinfeld & Cabrera P.A. Make sure you only select a board-certified attorney. Ideally, try to work with an attorney from a firm that has received the highest possible professional standards and ethics rankings.