It Makes Sense To Use A Real Estate Attorney When Buying A House

It makes sense to use a real estate attorney when buying a house

Congratulations on the finding the property of your dreams! But before you go any further, let the experienced attorneys at Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. tell you why it makes sense to use a real estate attorney when buying a house.

Firstly, there is always a lot of official paperwork that surrounds the selling and purchasing of any property. In order for a sale to be legitimate, there needs to be a well-documented and legally binding contract. From sales contracts and financing agreements to title deeds you will have paperwork coming out of your ears! Often these contracts will be filled with legalese (fancy lawyer speak) and complicated processes and clauses. A real estate attorney will be there to relieve you of this headache and to explain the things you may not understand.

Real estate attorneys such as Reinfeld & Cabrera are experienced in dealing with these contracts and because they are familiar with the procedures they will be able to process everything much faster and more efficiently than an estate agent or you will be able to. They will also make sure that there are no possible glitches or issues for the buyer of the property and that all parts of the transaction follow state law. This includes your real estate attorney doing a title search to ensure that there are no liens or judgements against the perfect little place you plan to make your home. A title search ensures that the property owners have a legal right to sell the house. A real estate attorney will always have your best interests in mind.

Aside from all the paperwork flying around, there are other parts of your transaction that will need to be dealt with. Inspections and negotiations on the sales, repairs or maintenance will undoubtedly come about. You will want to have an experienced real estate attorney on your side to make sure that your property is received in top condition and that you are getting what you pay for and no less. During the negotiations and inspections it often happens that certain issues will occur. For instance you may find some structural damage to the property that makes it unsafe or the electrical system needs to be repaired. You won’t want to have to deal with these extra expenses once you have already purchased the property. A real estate attorney will guarantee that all issues are either compensated for in the price or that the seller is contractually obligated to repair any problems.

Hopefully with a knowledgeable real estate attorney on your side, you will never have to go into the process of litigation. However, if a dispute does arise and the issue is taken to court, you will be eternally thankful that you have a skilled real estate attorney to represent your interests. So don’t let your new home be tainted by any possible problems that may occur during the process, make sure that you start off on a stress-free and happy foot when buying your house – call a real estate attorney from Reinfeld & Cabrera today!