How Do I Evict a Family Member?

Coral Springs eviction attorneyEvicting a normal tenant can be a difficult procedure. However, if this unwanted tenant is a family member the process becomes even more difficult and emotionally taxing. To avoid an already trying situation from getting any worse, use an experienced Coral Springs eviction attorney to help you.

Eviction laws may differ from one state to the next, so if you want to evict a family member in the South Florida area, it is advisable to contact the experienced Coral Springs eviction attorneys at Reinfeld & Cabrera. Using an eviction attorney who practices in your area means that they will have specialised knowledge of the local law procedures and what is needed for an easy eviction process.

Here is a basic outline of what you and your eviction attorney will need to do and the process you will need to follow in order to evict a family member:

  • The first step is to issue a letter informing your family member that you would like them to vacate the premises within 15 days. You will also need to keep a copy of this letter. Consult an eviction attorney concerning the correct requirements that this letter will stipulate.
  • Next, if the family member still refuses to leave you can treat the eviction the same way as you would a normal tenant/landlord situation. You will have to file an eviction case in court. The eviction case is the landlord’s request or formal demand made to the County Court asking for the tenant to be evicted.
  • The court will then serve your family member with an eviction summons. They will have to appear in court to represent their case or else they will have to move out. If it goes to court, you will have to appear in court. This is where an eviction attorney can help you to get the outcome you want.
  • If you have an experienced Coral Springs eviction attorney on your side, your case should be pretty straightforward. You will then be issued a judgment of possession. Your family member will then have a few days to completely vacate the premises.

This should be the end of the process, however, in some cases the family member still refuses to leave. You can then discuss your options moving forward with your eviction attorney.

It is important to remember that if you have more than one family member over the age of 18 who you would like to evict, you will have to serve each one of them with a notice to evict and follow the same procedure.

Whatever the reason for you wanting to evict a family member, the process will be a lot easier and stress free if you consult with a knowledgeable Coral Springs eviction attorney.