How to Avoid Litigation via Negotiation and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

You need to have commercial litigation attorneys lined up if you own a business in the Coral Springs area because having experienced commercial litigation attorneys working for you will actually help you to avoid litigation in the future.

The commercial litigation attorneys at Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. in Coral Springs recognize that actually taking a commercial matter to court can be very expensive and very time consuming. It is generally best for all parties to find a way to avoid litigation and settle the dispute before going to court. Our commercial litigation attorneys try to find ways to reduce any future litigation risks for our clients by using several means at our disposal. But when disputes arise, we will help you manage these issues.

Resolving legal matters before going to court can be done in different ways. Your commercial litigation attorneys will first try to negotiate on behalf of your business in Coral Springs. If negotiation does not work, we will then try different forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Our commercial litigation attorneys in Coral Springs will try, when it suits your specific situation, conciliation, mediation or arbitration as forms of Alternative dispute resolution. Conciliation involves both parties meeting separately with a conciliator who tries to resolve issues between the parties, while mediation involves a third party mediator assisting the two parties to try to reach a settlement. Finally, our commercial litigation attorneys may try arbitration to resolve the matter, which involves a third party adjudicating and issuing a binding decision in order to resolve the dispute.

If both negotiation and alternative dispute resolution fail, then your commercial litigation attorneys in Coral Springs will proceed to court, generally over an issue such as contract disagreements regarding the two parties’ obligations. Don’t wait until you have a commercial litigation matter to handle. Have commercial litigation attorneys try to reduce your future risk before the need to go to court arises.