Why You Need Power of Attorney

Power-of-Attorney-in-Coral-SpringsOne common misconception about giving someone a power of attorney that the attorneys in Coral Springs at Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A., would like to clear up, is that giving someone this power limits you from acting on your own behalf.

This, in fact, is not true. When you give someone a power of attorney, which is the authority to act on your behalf, you are not limiting yourself from acting on your behalf, having control of your finances and dealing with your own assets. It is important to have a power of attorney in Coral Springs in order to make sure you are covered in the future, should you ever need this person to act on your behalf.

The reasons you may need a power of attorney in Coral Springs could be because you are very ill, or have suffered an accident that leaves you permanently or temporarily incapacitated. Also, you may be working or even traveling outside of the country for extended periods of time and need someone to make decisions on your behalf at home. Powers of attorney are also used for selling or buying a property if you have an agent sign on your behalf. It is wise to be prepared for any and all of these situations by meeting with the attorneys at Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A., and naming a power of attorney.

Often people choose someone they trust to name as power of attorney when meeting with their attorney in Coral Springs – whether a family member, coworker, or a really good friend. In some cases, others name an attorney or even a trust company as their power of attorney, to carry out their wishes when they are not able to do so themselves.

You are able to choose what powers you appoint to your attorney in Coral Springs. With a general power of attorney, you are allowing the named attorney to act on your behalf in all areas. However, with a specific power of attorney, you are allowing the named attorney to carry out the specified acts on your behalf.

Naming a power of attorney plays an important role in your life, should you ever need this trusted person to act on your behalf. The attorneys at Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A., will walk you through the process of legally naming a power of attorney and all legal consequences of this act.

Grandparents, Guns and Guardianship: Incapacity and The Right to Bear Arms

guardianship-attorneys-in-Coral-SpringsGuardianship attorneys are extremely important and if you live in the Coral Springs area, the law offices of Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. will help you get everything you need in order. If you have children, it is very important that you make arrangements with guardianship attorneys so that the children end up with the guardian you desire should something ever happen to both the children’s parents. If you do not leave a choice, the Court may appoint a guardian in its own discretion.

It is important to make the arrangements with guardianship attorneys in the Coral Springs area because not only do you want to designate who will care for your children, but you also want to make sure that your desired guardians are set up to have the legal authority to make decisions on your children’s behalf. Just because a grandparent, or anyone you choose, has physical custody of children, does not mean they have any legal rights to make decisions regarding school or health care when it comes to your children.

Our guardianship attorneys at the Coral Springs office of Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. will help you set up the appropriate guardianship documents, giving your children’s grandparents (or whomever you choose) the legal authority to care for your children on a daily basis, including making education and medical decisions.

Our guardianship attorneys in Coral Springs will also help you indicate what happens to your children, and yourself, if your children’s parents are found to be lacking mental capacity. In this case, plenary guardianship can be awarded, if the person in question is found to be incapacitated, incompetent, and unable to make sound decisions. The court is also able to determine if the incapacitated person is unable to make informed decisions about their own medical care and treatment…and then is able to determine the most appropriate measure.

Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A., will not only help you determine the right steps for setting up a guardian for your children should your children’s parents become incapacitated, but our guardianship attorneys in Coral Springs will also help you set up the appropriate guardianship for yourself and your spouse, should you ever find yourself in an incapacitated state. Let us inform you of your legal options.

Finding Guardianship Attorneys You Can Trust


If you are like most people in South Florida, you think finding guardianship attorneys in Coral Springs to name the guardian of your child(ren) is an extremely important part of estate planning. It is imperative that you have a guardian named for your children, because you never know what life has in store.

Guardianship is the power imposed on an individual over one who is underaged, and is considered unable to protect and care and for him or herself. A guardianship attorney in Coral Springs will help you appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf, if you become unable to make these decisions for yourself and your family.

If you do not like to think about what would happen if your children’s parents both passed away before your children reach adulthood, and choose not to hire guardianship attorneys to name a guardian, then the custody of your children could be left up to the courts. Anyone can step up to request custody if you have not specified someone in your will. So if you are assuming that it would be your sister, or your Mom, who would be granted custody of your children, you might be mistaken. Don’t leave the decision up to a judge. Stop by Reinfeld & Cabrera’s Coral Spring’s office as soon as possible to name a guardian for your children.

The guardianship attorneys in Coral Springs will help you create the legal documents to establish guardianship, and we also recommend that you and your spouse name an alternate guardian. This is just in case the first guardian you name is unable to accept the role due to changed circumstances.

Don’t leave such an important decision up to the courts. Instead, let the guardianship attorneys in Coral Springs guide you through establishing guardianship documents.