Can I Get by Without a Will or Trust Attorney?

While you may be able to buy some documents to help you set up your own will, hiring a wills and trust attorney is your best bet when it comes to making sure your wishes are legally documented and carried out after you pass away.

Florida has specific state requirements that determine what can be included in a will or a trust. If you are not up to speed on the specific state requirements, you should consult with a wills and trusts attorney when naming a personal representative, beneficiaries, or any specific instructions for your estate.

Also, you may feel like you have an easy estate to plan, but if you are in a second marriage (or third, fourth, etc.), are recently divorced, have any minor children, children with any special needs, or want to leave some of your estate to a charity, you have an estate that could use the expert planning advice of a wills and trusts attorney.

Without the proper legal estate plans in place, a large portion of your estate could be lost during the probate process. However, with the proper preparations from a knowledgeable wills and trusts attorney, your estate could be well protected, making sure your beneficiaries receive all that you wish.

One missing document, or unsigned piece of paper, could be the difference between a legal will or one that can easily be contested. Don’t take a chance on doing it yourself. Hire a wills and trust attorney at Reinfeld and Cabrera, P.A. We not only provide wills preparation to control the disposition of property upon death, but we also prepare trusts, including revocable, special needs, minor, generation skipping, irrevocable, charitable and other trusts.