Evictions & Landlord/Tenant Law

Reinfeld u0026amp; Cabrera, P.A. represents landlords and tenants in connection with a wide variety of disputes, including, for example, large commercial evictions and suits to recover security deposits. Attorneys at Reinfeld u0026amp; Cabrera, P.A. seek to protect their clients from the hazards of litigation by negotiating and drafting favorable leases for both their landlord and tenant clients. Reinfeld u0026amp; Cabrera, P.A. represents commercial landlords and tenants involved in legal disputes throughout South Florida.

Our lawyers represent people involved in landlord-tenant disputes involving:

  • Evictions and distress proceedings
  • Assignment and sublet disputes
  • Security deposit claims
  • Disputes between roommates
  • Nuisance claims
  • Condemnation and destruction of the premises
  • Premises liability and indemnity
  • Enforcement and defense of rent escalation provisions
  • Landlord remedies, including acceleration of rent
  • Disputes involving the renewal and exercise of options to renew
  • Wrongful or constructive evictions
  • Breach of lease agreements
  • Summary proceedings
  • Vacating of premises and abandonment of personal property

Please contact the attorneys of Reinfeld u0026amp; Cabrera, P.A. to schedule a meeting to address any evictions or landlord tenant issues you may have.